$70,000 psychology-religion grants

Image: Marta Minujin - Pausa Transformacional, 1982, reproduced with permission


With the generous support of the John Templeton Foundation, the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota announces a sub-granting competition to fund academic cross-training in the psychological sciences for scholars of Christian theology or philosophy of religion with research interests relating to religious belief or religious commitment. Six successful applicants will each receive a $70,000 award providing the opportunity to engage in a 2-year intensive study in the psychological sciences, in order to apply and leverage insights from the psychological sciences in their work as theologians and philosophers. Applications are due on January 23, 2023.

Here and throughout we interpret “Christian theology” broadly enough to include Christian philosophy of religion as well as systematic or dogmatic theology, fundamental theology, philosophical theology, historical theology, biblical theology, moral theology, practical theology and missiological theology, but narrowly enough to exclude mere descriptive non-theological approaches to religion. By “psychological sciences” we mean to include psychology itself as well as cognate sub-disciplines such as cognitive anthropology, behavioral economics, cognitive science, and cognitive and social neuroscience.

For further information on applications, see the enclosed PDF: