Sławkowski-Rode - The Meaning of Mourning


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Category Lecture
Speakers Sławkowski-Rode, Mikołaj
Year 2023


Grief is a universal human response to death and loss. Mourning is an equally universally observable practice that enables the bereaved to express their grief and come to terms with the reality of loss. Yet, despite their prevalence, there is no unified understanding of the nature and meaning of grief and mourning. The Meaning of Mourning: Perspectives on Death, Loss, and Grief brings together fifteen essays from diverse disciplines addressing the topics of death, grief, and mourning. The collection moves from general questions concerning the putative badness of death and the meaning of loss through the phenomenology and psychology of grief, to personal and cultural aspects of mourning. Contributors examine topics such as theodicy and grief, reproductive loss, mourning as a form of recognition of value, the roots of grief in early childhood, grief in COVID-times, hope, phenomenology of loss, public commemoration and mourning rituals, mourning for a devastated culture, the Necropolis of Glasgow, and the “art of outliving.”

This volume is edited by Mikołaj Sławkowski-Rode, of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, and the University of Warsaw. This work provides a survey of the rich topography of methodologies, problems, approaches, and disciplines that are involved in the study of issues surrounding loss and our responses to it. The book also guides the reader through a spectrum of perspectives on these matters, highlighting the connections and discontinuities. The contributors are Lesley Chamberlain; Richard Conrad O.P.; John Cottingham; Douglas Davies; Matthew Dougherty; Amber Leigh Griffioen; Cathy Mason; Balázs M. Mezei; Anthony O'hear; Colin Murray Parkes; Roger Scruton; Mikolaj Slawkowski-Rode; Alexander Stoddart; Eleonore Stump; Raymond Tallis; and Jerry Valberg.