Jan Czempiński

Research Interests

  • History of ideas
  • Phenomenology
  • Problem of mentalities at the intersection of contextual and universalistic sciences


  • College of Inter-area Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (MISH, University of Warsaw)
  • New Generation Research Exchange




  • ‘Between the Polish and English myth of the countryside. Are Zofia Stryjeńska and J.R.R. Tolkien the same?’, forthcoming in Culture.pl (Institute of Adam Mickiewicz).
  • ‘Wedel in the memory of Warsaw residents’, forthcoming in Clepsydra, 3.1 (2023)
  • ‘Warsaw Robinsons – a selection of accounts‘, forthcoming in Clepsydra, 3.1 (2023)
  • ‘Marszałkowska Street in 1945. Transport, administration and cultural function’, Warsaw Almanac, 14 (2021).
  • ‘Between the new “Kercelak” and the “Polish Bond Street”. Trade, craft, industry and services on Marszałkowska Street in 1945’, Chronicle of Warsaw, 159.1 (2019).