Michael Burdett

Research Interests

  • Christian doctrine (creation, eschatology and theological anthropology)
  • Theological ethics (political theology and bioethics)
  • Science and technology studies (philosophy of science and philosophy of technology)
  • Philosophy of religion (phenomenology and atheism/secularism)
  • Evolutionary theory
  • Aesthetics and the imagination




Monographs and edited volumes


  • “Incarnation, Posthumanism and Performative Anthropology: The Body of Technology and the Body of Christ” Christian Bioethics, Forthcoming 2019
  • “Human Dignity in a Biotechnological Age: the Image of God, Human Enhancement and Technological Transformation” in Human Dignity and the History of Western Humanism, ed. Loughlin, Bloomsbury, Forthcoming 2019
  • “Creaturehood and Deification as Anchors for an Ethics of Gene Editing” In Human Flourishing in an Age of Gene Editing, eds. Parens and Johnston, Oxford University Press, 2018
  • “Technology and Information” In The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology, 2nd ed., eds. Scott and Cavanaugh, Blackwell, 2018.
  • “A Moral Theology of Technological Failure” In Theologies of Failure, ed. Sirvent, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
  • “Past, Present and Future: Thoughts on Science and Religion from the Next Generation” In Forty Years of Science and Religion: Looking Back and Looking Forward, eds. Hickman and Spurway, Cambridge Scholars, 2016.