“Why is there Suffering? Pick Your Own Theological Expedition” Book Launch

bethany book

Dr Bethany Sollereder, Research Fellow of the Ian Ramsey Centre, is launching a new book.

“Why is there Suffering? Pick Your Own Theological Expedition” explores the tangled theology of suffering through a light-hearted, self-guided exploration through multiple choices. The reader is asked to make a theological decision every few pages and is directed to the next appropriate step of their theological journey. From mystery-laden mountain passes, through the paths of providence, or the high moors of atheism, the reader can wander at will through the landscapes of theodicy and redemption.

Event Details: 5pm at St Mary Magdalen's Church, Oxford (next to the Martyr's memorial at the bottom of St Giles) Wednesday, November 3rd 2021. The presentation portion of the evening will begin at 5:30, with Professor Alister McGrath speaking. Please help us get a sense of numbers (and refreshments needed!) by registering for a free ticket.